Our Adversaries

Many people know that the government, the media and the public health officials are lying to them about everything from the efficacy of masks, social distancing, and lockdowns, to the life threatening dangers of experimental injections, they still refuse to believe that the people orchestrating this operation might be pushing them inexorably toward infertility and/or an early death. So they stick their heads in the sand and pretend not to see what is going on right under their noses. It’s called “denial” and they are helping to cover up the evil work of the puppet masters that are operating behind the scenes.

— Ben Williams

Yes, though it is hard to believe, humanity is at war with an elite class of individuals whose globalist agendas are generally hidden from the citizens of this world. This website exposes the globalist elites who are attempting to create a one world government and kill or enslave all of humanity. They have committed acts of high treason against nation states and they have committed crimes against humanity. These are very evil people who have by stealth taken control of the institutions of power. The following are their strategies and tactics of warfare:

Lies and Deception. They own the mainstream media, print and entertainment industries and hence control what the majority of people think. Their transparent lies and deception are everywhere.

Stealing and Theft. This Elite Class is behind many of the corrupt Ponzi schemes that have looted wealth and assets from many of the world’s citizens over decades and centuries. Rigged systems such as fiat money systems, market manipulations, taxes, and so on are their creation and domain.

Killing and Disease. Many of The Globalists despise humanity, except for their own class, and have implemented eugenics programs to reduce the world’s population through GMO foods, pandemics, vaccines, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, poisoning water supplies, euthanasia, genocide, crime, incarceration, starvation and so on.

Destruction. Wars and man-made disasters are financed and engineered by The Elites to prosper the Military Industrial Complex, advance their global hegemony, and destroy life and property.

Our Mission

With courage and faith we can stand against these adversaries and expose their strategies and tactics of warfare. There will come a day when their house of cards will come crashing down.

Join us in our fight against the globalists so that we the people can expose their mechanizations and hold them accountable. It is our objective to remove them from positions of power, restore our national institutions, and prosecute them for crimes against humanity and treason against our nations.

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